Culture @ WHJr

We are very proud of our culture, which we call 10x Growth, with Compassion. Put simply, this means that we push ourselves hard to meet ambitious goals and targets, setting high standards for ourselves and others. At the same time, while driving a high performance culture, we treat each other with dignity and respect. We ensure that we listen to each other’s perspectives, and support one another in meeting our bold ambitions.

Ours is an inclusive culture, where different perspectives and opinions can be expressed without fear. We welcome alternative points of view from any part of the organisation, as we move quickly in our collective purpose to bring joyful learning experiences to the world’s children.

  • Our culture is built on High Performance, together with a people oriented approach. We call this 10x Growth, with Compassion.
  • We ensure that this vision is brought to life through a sharp focus on our values, which lie at the heart of everything we do.
  • From the people we hire, to the way we train on the job, our engagement activities, our performance and reward systems and the way we interact with each other – all are driven by awareness of and adherence to these core values.